Lani Alden attained her Master of Arts from Yale University in May 2015 with a Qualification from the Yale Initiative for the Study of Antiquity and the Premodern.

She is currently focusing on the application of gender and performance studies to late Edo, Meiji, and Taishō Japan. Of particular interest to her are bodies that trouble or confoud, the historical use of pedagogical women's handbooks as tools of legitimisation for gender performance on the stage, androgyny and gender bending in Kabuki and early Takarazuka, and the construction of nationalized forms of gender.

She is also deeply interested in Digital Humanities and constantly develops software for Japanese research use in her free time. In addition to having developed hundreds of university websites to date, she has developed computerised tools to assist with reading kuzushiji, automate research across many databases, enable better interaction on sites like JapanKnowledge, ocr and search texts, enable windows-exclusive database programs to work for Mac and Linux, and display kanbun via html/css.

A Picture of Lani Alden